What is included in this course and what will I learn?
There are 6 total lessons included in this Wedding Planning E*Course. The topics include Establishing Your Budget, Building Your Guest List & Selecting Your Venue, Your Wedding Style, Invitations & Paper Goods, Selecting Your Vendors and Building Your Wedding Timeline. You will also receive access to some of our favorite Estera printables, including our Budget Starter Spreadsheet, Wedding Guestlist Tracker, Wedding Paper Good Timeline, Wedding Registry Tips & Suggestions, Wedding Website Suggestions, Printable Wedding Detail Checklist, and links to our favorite planning resources.

What content is included?
+ How to determine your wedding budget
+ How to properly allocate your budget
+ Factors you might not be considering that will affect your budget
+ Where to draw the line when building your guest list
+ How to determine the amount of guests you should invite
+ The Estera Events venue selection process
+ The differences between working with a stationer & ordering wedding paper online
+ Different printing methods and their cost
+ How many of each paper item to order
+ Imperative questions to ask while venue scouting
+ The difference between a wedding stylist and a wedding planner
+ Determining your wedding style based on the 4 principles of design
+ How to ensure your wedding truly reflects you as a couple
+ The key questions to consider when determining your wedding style
+ The best way to utilize Pinterest as a wedding styling tool
+ The number one question to ask a wedding planner before hiring them
+ The most important thing to do when working with a florist
+ A fun trick to determine your wedding photography style
+ Questions to ask your catering manager during your tasting
+ The main questions you should be asking your band or DJ before your wedding
+ Building an Estera Events caliber wedding day timeline
+ Why working backwards is crucial in preparing your wedding day timeline
… and SO much more.

What is the difference between planning a wedding and coordinating a wedding?
Planning involves the preparation up to the day of the wedding. This course is designed to give you the tools to plan every component of your day. Coordination is what happens on the day of your wedding. It is important to have someone behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly and is best left to a professional wedding coordinator. After all, you and your fiancé deserve to enjoy your day without stress!

Will this course teach me step by step how to plan my wedding?
You will learn everything you need to know about planning your wedding from beginning to end! For instance, you’ll learn how to budget and how to talk to your parents (or those who are graciously gifting you) about what your ideal wedding will cost. We also talk about how to set your guest list and select your venue. You will learn valuable tools to help create a vision for your wedding day that reflects you as a couple. We also discuss wedding invitation details and paper goods for your big day. As well as how to select your vendors and create the ultimate timeline so everyone is on the same page the day of your wedding!

Why can’t my aunt/mom/friend be my planner/coordinator?
You want your family and invited guests to enjoy themselves. While they might volunteer to do this for you, it could become an uncomfortable situation if you have expectations that she doesn’t fulfill. It’s best to trust a professional on your wedding day with the details you have so carefully prepared!

I’m a wedding planner or interested in becoming a wedding planner, can I learn anything from this course?
Absolutely! This course will give you the tools to work more seamlessly with your clients, keep your tasks more organized, streamline the overall process and help you to become a more effective planner. If you are new to the wedding planning industry, this might be a good first step to assist in expanding your knowledge base! We've had wedding planners purchase this course to use as training for their new employees as well.

Why is this important to invest in?
Planning a wedding is a major investment, both in time and money.
We have developed this course to give you access to our expertise and experience—in one place. The average couple spends over 200 hours researching and planning their wedding. This course will allow you to stop spinning your wheels and will help you manage your time more efficiently! Investing up front in the planning process will ensure a much smoother and more enjoyable day.

How do I access the lessons?
Once you have completed check out, you will see a "check out completed" screen - essentially your receipt. On the receipt, you will receive instructions and a link to access the lessons you've purchased along with a randomly generated access code for you to use - super simple!

What if I purchase one lesson and then decide I'd like to purchase the Full E*Course?
Please Email Bianca@EsteraEvents.com and we will provide you with a discount code to make up for the difference of the video or video's you've already purchased. We like to play fair!

What’s your refund policy?
Because this is a digital and downloadable course, we're unable to offer a refund. We would love to hear if something isn't working properly to see if it's something we can solve - of course, we'd love to help! We want to help if we can, so please email Bianca@EsteraEvents.com

How do I know if this course is a fit for me?
If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning your wedding…
If you don’t know where to start…
If you have a lot of ideas but aren’t sure if they are realistic…
If there aren’t any wedding planners or resources in your area…
If you are on a strict budget with no room to hire a full time wedding planner…
If you want to learn step by step how to plan your big day from one of the Top Wedding Planners (as recognized by Martha Stewart Weddings and Vogue Magazine)…
…Then this course is for you!!!  

What if I'm not sure if this course is for me?
We're happy to answer any and all questions and also put you in touch with previous users who have accessed the course! Please reach out to Bianca@EsteraEvents.com

Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else?
How sweet of you! Absolutely. Simply go through the purchase as usual and forward the email over to us so we can prepare a gift card for you utilizing the personal access code you received (presentation is everything, you know). We can send to you as an online giftcard or we are able to mail the gift card in a beautiful package, complimentary.

Who do I contact with questions?
Estera Events office hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm.